We appreciate your support!

Saguaro Foundation is a 501 c3, non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Saguaro has grown significantly over the last decade. With that growth comes an increase in expenses and overhead and we rely entirely on the support of the community to continue our work. All donations made to the Saguaro Foundation directly benefit our patients by allowing us to elevate our services, support our expert staff and cover operating expenses.

Can I choose where my money goes?

Absolutely! Every donor has the option to earmark their contribution(s) to Saguaro. Should you choose to donate, you will be given the opportunity to specify which of the following programs you would like your funds to be distributed to directly:

Group Home – Funding for this department is dedicated to elevating quality of life through travel and social opportunities, while creating lasting memories for our members. These activities include vacations to Disneyland, SeaWorld, etc, hosting monthly social gatherings for all members (Cookouts, Holiday Celebrations, etc.), and community area furnishings to keep the house feeling like home – updated with the latest and greatest.

Behavioral Health Services – Many of our members do not receive any income of their own. Funds in the BHS department are used to purchase clothing and daily living necessities for members who are subject to those circumstances. This department also allocates money towards improving members’ bedrooms (dressers, bed set, linens), as well as taking members on community outings and vacations.

Home and Community Based Services – Money earmarked for HCBS is dedicated to community building events including but not limited to weekend outings and fees associated with public activities such as bowling or mini-golf.

DTT – At Saguaro, we want the children in our programs to be stimulated, entertained, and motivated! DDT funds help us improve the program overall, purchase games and supplies, and take the kids to movies, trampoline parks, etc.

STS – Dollars donated to STS will be used to maintain the vehicle fleet to ensure safe, reliable transportation for our members and our staff. In addition it will help to provide match money for vehicles acquired through grants, match money for subsidized trips, etc.

Day Programs – Our day programs rely on this funding to cover the cost of both indoor and outdoor activities for our members as well as community outings to the movies, restaurants etc. This funding also allows us to make overall improvements to the program as a whole.

Administration – Any money earmarked for administration is distributed between regular administrative expenses including training and development supplies for our staff such as, CPR manikins, workbooks, etc., events for our members throughout the year, holiday celebrations, awards and recognition for our staff (ie. employee anniversary plaques).

Donation FAQs

Learn about tax credits in the state of Arizona.

What is the Arizona Tax Credit for Charitable Organizations?
You may claim a tax credit for voluntary cash contributions you make during the taxable year to a qualifying charitable organization.
Can I still take the school and tuition tax credits?
Yes! The charitable tax credit is different from the school tax credits. You can donate up to $400 to the charitable tax credit; up to $1,034 for private school tuition; up to $1,028 for certified school tuition and $400 for public school extra-curricular activities. Combine all 4 for significant savings!
How much can I give?
Married couples filing jointly can contribute up to $400. Individual filers can contribute up to $200. (This is not the required amount… this is just the maximum you can claim.)
How do I claim the credit?
You can report the name of the qualifying charitable organization that you donated to as well as the dollar amount of your donation to the department of Revenue at the time of filing your taxes for the year.
What is the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction?
A tax deduction is an expense that reduces taxable income by a certain percentage. A tax credit, on the other hand, reduces your tax liability dollar for dollar.
Do I have to itemize my deductions to claim the credit?
Yes. You must itemize deductions on your Arizona State income tax return even though you may not have itemized your deductions on your federal return. The form to use is AZ 321.
Do I claim my Charitable Contribution as a tax credit or a deduction?
You may only claim a tax credit for your charitable contributions on your Arizona state return if the organization you donated to is considered a Qualifying Charitable Organization. A complete listing of Qualifying Charitable Organizations is published on the AZ Department of Revenues website. You cannot claim both a deduction and a credit for the same charitable contribution on your Arizona return.