Home Community Based Services

HCBS assists individuals with developmental disabilities that remain at home, with personalhygiene and daily living activities, maintaining safe and sanitary living conditions, planning and preparing meals.


Our staff focuses in helping individuals with developmental disabilities to empower activities related to routine household maintenance, as well as provide training in essential activities to meet personal, physical, and social needs and provide skill to the person with developmental disabilities to enable or enhance their ability to perform self-help skills, physical mobility, and adaptive living skills.


Community based (in-Home) developmentally disabled individuals may receive respite services in one of Saguaro Foundation's group living facilities. Respite services may also be provided in the individual's home by one of Saguaro foundation's highly trained staff. Both short and long term respite services are available. Short-term and long term services are provided for the caregiver of an individual with developmental disabilities to relief the caregiver. This service is provided either in or outside of the home of the person with developmental disabilities, and may also be provided on a 24 hour basis. This type of service provides the caregiver whom is care giving for the individual, time for themselves to distress from their day to day schedule and will help them perform better on their day to day duties.