DDD Group Homes

Saguaro Foundation currently operates 10 group homes and 4 independent living arrangements (IDLA) in a traditional and neighbor setting within Yuma County. All residential group homes are operated 365 days a year and 24-hours a day or on a case by case basis. Since 1975, Saguaro Foundation has been meeting the habilitation needs of the area's developmentally disabled. Individuals deemed eligible for habilitation services will be assessed for existing skill levels in the areas of daily living skill deficiencies. In addition, staff will be provided with a specific Individual Service Plan (ISP) that directs their efforts to enhance the skills and abilities of the developmentally disabled. Saguaro focuses in the individuals unique traits, needs, likes and cultural background. Saguaro's main goal is to fulfill the clients comfort and place the individual in the adequate group home that will meet their requirements. Therefore, individuality is expressed through activities such as room decoration, wardrobe selection and personal grooming. Social and entertainment activities are planned by the individuals, coordinators, and group home staff's input.