Beahavioral Health Group Home

In June 2015 Saguaro Foundation opened its first behavioral health residential facility, which includes personal care services, the facility is designed to provide behavioral health services to dual diagnosed individuals.

Saguaros purpose is to provide a Behavioral health residential service system that is responsive to the changing needs of persons with behavioral health and mental illness throughout their lifetime. Saguaro Foundation provides services that enable such persons to attain the highest level of independence and the best quality of living passible.

Services provide include the following:

  • • 24 hour supervision with certified care givers.

  • • Monitoring medications and physician appointments.

  • • Linkage to community resources, such as funding, housing, vocational, healthcare, and insurance.

  • • Assisting with budget management, cooking, housekeeping, socialization, laundry, personal care, and recreation.

  • • Provider in approved treatment plan for the facility by a licensed clinical director.

Saguaro Foundation offers services 365 days a year, with 24 hour monitoring. Saguaro Foundation administrative offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. The offices are closed on and weekends.


Saguaros Behavioral Health Residential Program will:

  • • Serve individuals that fall into the criteria of behavioral health with serious mental illness (SMI) and/or dual diagnosed.

  • • Provide personal care to individuals that are 18 years of age or older and are in need of a structured behavioral health residential services with 24 hour monitoring.

In addition, Saguaro will attempt to accommodate any individuals special needs when possible. Saguaro is also prepared to provide respite services to individuals not currently residing in our group home

For more information please contact Saguaro Foundation.